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Yeah tbh six is kind of a lot already but thought itd be think of stuff.

For solos I think Magneto, the Cuckoos, Apocalypse, Mystique (sorry Silver Fang!

We’ve got high seas anti-piracy/mutant outreach (X-Corps) type stuff, exploring of Otherworld and mutant magic in a fantasy type setting, outer space cosmic adventure, and mutant CIA black ops stuff.

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Next up: finding some of the forgotten mutants of the world and bringing them to Krakoa.

Generation X A book centered on the Next-Gen of mutants, not as students, but as fully fledged X-Men operating in a new world.

), and Forge and Moon Girl (pre-existing relationship from IVX). Silver Fang, I don't know why you mentioned Bendis - he's DC exclusive now.

I mention Bendis as a writing style example I hate.

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