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A woman doesn't have to be pregnant to arouse me, but the wish to impregnate her is always in my mind.

My greatest unfulfilled desire is to find a woman who wants to be bred and keep her pregnant, with My girlfriend cheated on me when we were dating but after we married she stayed loyal until she got pregnant.

More incredible is that I didn’t caught her, she just told me it was during a physical exam, she noticed his erection and couldn’t help jokingly asking him about it, he pulled out and she surrendered.

I [22m] got setup with a friends [26f] sister[20f].

I met the friend at her place of work recently, got her number so we could connect.

Turns out she’s engaged but she wanted to ask me some personal questions about my past relationships.

I could tell she wanted to set me up with someone, found out it was her sis.

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