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Usually, that point is when the stock is lower and poised to go higher.I mean, really, other than short sellers, who wants to get into a stock and watch it go lower?Since 1 October 2014 employers who lose equal pay claims could be forced to conduct an equal pay audit and publish the results.

Apparently the SEC, which has chosen not to investigate, sees nothing odd there.

Employees are also entitled to know how their pay is made up.

For example, if there is a bonus system, everyone should know how to earn bonuses and how they are calculated.

Lately, though, the regulatory agency has cast a jaundiced eye on another group of investors who also seem to propitiously acquire their stock just before it makes a big move up.

Some corporate insiders and executives have apparently been granted stock options that were miraculously awarded just before a large run-up, obviously making those option grants more valuable.

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