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If you're writing a web service application, you might find yourself more comfortable accepting parameters in JSON format.

If the "Content-Type" header of your request is set to "application/json", Rails will automatically load your parameters into the in your controller, you can safely omit the root element in the JSON parameter.

You should especially avoid storing complex objects (anything other than basic Ruby objects, the most common example being model instances) in the session, as the server might not be able to reassemble them between requests, which will result in an error.

object acts like a Hash, but lets you use symbols and strings interchangeably as keys.In this case, the parameters will be cloned and wrapped with a key chosen based on your controller's name.So the above JSON request can be written as:, as in the example above, these defaults will be used for all URL generation.By commenting, you are accepting the DISQUS terms of service. After the router has determined which controller to use for a request, the controller is responsible for making sense of the request, and producing the appropriate output.

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