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Throughout the special, Space Ghost attempts to interview his guests, but they do not cooperate.

After unsuccessfully attempting to perform the interview, Space Ghost is shot by Sharko, who is eventually killed by Early.

Sweeps is the nickname given to those few months each year in which television networks set their advertising rates based on the number of people watching their shows.

Like movies, networks will send out their TV stars to pump up the program, hoping to draw more eyes to the show. It’s all about promotion, there's very little else to say about the matter.

There’s an old saying that goes, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” In a lot of ways, that adage fits the world of daytime and late night talk shows perfectly.

But if you’re talking about it on your news feed or your Twitter stream, you can be sure that today’s tech-savvy headliners are talking about it too.This is what we mean by having the pulse on pop culture.It’s just that this pulse is hyped up on caffeine and Grumpy Cat.This topic always focuses on the 1,000-pound man or the woman who gave birth to 10 children—the sideshow oddballs of America.To their credit, these shows try to humanize the "Weekly World News In today’s world of insta-gossip and social media, talk shows are quick to pick up on the latest prattle.

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