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Patty’s best friend, 14 year-old Beth Upton, said they made up and appeared “lovey-dovey,” but Patty’s cousin Candy Blaum later said that Michael was so angry over the incident that he hit her. She had had enough of Michael and by the end of the summer it was now no secret among her friends that she was interested in Tom, who had asked her to go steady with him that night in the car.

Only half-awake, Michael looked out his front door which had a direct view of the activity in the yard, turned to his sister Cheryl and asked “Is she dead?Why Michael responded the way he did that morning was another.Its now been more than a half century since Patty’s murder and for her friends and classmates—indeed, for the entire community of Greenhills—there are still more questions than answers. Michael first met Patty when they began attending middle school together.Her head, blouse and even the grass beneath her was saturated with blood.Next to her was a two-foot section of fence post which Leach noted was covered in dark stains, hair and “particles of what I believe to be flesh.” As Morgan’s flashbulbs lit up the pre-dawn darkness, police from neighboring departments arrived and fanned out into the yard. Roemer, the local physician, was summoned and confirmed what the assembled officers already knew—Patty was dead.

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