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this time Whats App Group Join Link is back with dating Whats App group links where you can find people who are interested in dating from all over the world. Make sure you follow the group rules, if not the admin of the group you joined will remove you.On the plus side, Eksekutif class seats recline to a good 30 degrees.You can check train times & fares using English) or (in Indonesian).These are solo seats which power-recline to a fully-flat position, with surround walls for privacy, and individual flat-screen TV entertainment, just like business class on a long-haul airliner. It has comfortable reclining seats with footrests and a catering car.It's the closest thing to a sleeper you'll find on any Indonesian overnight train, although only a blanket is provided, not sheets. There is both a daytime service and a time-effective overnight service, although the night trains have no sleepers - these disappeared from Indonesian trains in the 1990s.

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