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However, with some help of a third-party app or simple Terminal command (for Mac users), you can change the modified date to anything you want.

Also see our article How To Speed Up Windows 10 – The Ultimate Guide But why would you want to make the changes?

I keep getting create date but that's not what I want. currently we have a vb code that gets the datestamp of each file as we are trying to decide at which time we should upload each file in our application. Thanks will create a new file with the Create timestamp set to the current time (though a copy utility could opt to modify the creation timestamp; most file metadata is user-settable).

For example, if you choose Type in the second column, this option is unavailable in the third column.

If no files or folder were deleted in the filter selected, no results will be displayed.

Learn how to restore a file, folder, or event from the Deleted files page.

Events Sometimes deletions are grouped into events.

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