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“ in the South of Spain, with MEMEB also serving as producer.

The song feels very “” without feeling over-thought or over-done.

Harry Styles, frontman of an indie rock band, had definitely not spared a thought for popstar Liam Payne since they were briefly on the X Factor together except perhaps for a bit of scorn. Not until the moment his band played right before Liam at a festival, anyway. Amidst the drab sea is a boy shifting from the heels to the balls of his feet, chewing absent-mindedly on the wire of his earplugs as he contemplates the queue before him.

Matt figures he’s a Lit student at the local uni; he just has that look about him. I'm not even happy singing other people's songs any more. Maybe I never could, but now it's as if the words are coming out half-formed. I'm just lying all the time."Ali shifted in his chair, started flicking his fingers to fire the grains on the countertop towards Matt as if he was trying to score a goal, and maybe he was. "Aiden opened up the tissue paper and pulled out the contents then groaned when he saw what was in his hands.

Now instead of merely letting the hairs waterfall across his raised fingers he started to grasp and twist them instead. Starting with his fingertip circling over Aiden's scalp, loving how the hair tried to attach itself to his own dry skin.

Hopefully we get a new EP/album out of him this year!

Liam loves Niall and Zayn, and they just so happen to love him back.

There will probably be more than ten chapters but I thought I'd put that down for now For the prompt "I would love to read a one shot where in the x-factor house or the bungolo they were sent to bond in a time where louis catches liam wanking and teases him about it and liam is super emmbarssed." “I hope you change your mind over the summer.”Louis says it as if he had heard Harry’s thoughts about how his summer is going to suck.

Following his elimination, Aiden was quickly snatched up by RCA Records, with whom he subsequently released his debut LP, in 2012.

Love ya bro XX (sic)." The campaign has seen Grimshaw consistently in the highest trending topics on the social network site in some way or another.

Liam works in an antique bookshop with Nick Grimshaw and sings in the pub with his friends Aiden, Matt, Niall and Zayn, dreaming of making it big in London and getting out of his grotty Paddington flat.

Yessir, he’s still got both of those things today, and seemingly a bit more confidence as well.

It’s unfortunate that Grimshaw didn’t explore that sound more in his debut.

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