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The only reason that I can think of for Barrington's lack of recognition is the fact that he was more of a defensive batsman, rather than an attacking Compton style player (but the same argument could be put with respect to Sutcliffe, Hutton and Hobbs I guess).Yesterday, the world witness the once in a lifetime Royal Wedding, YES!!!Their wedding was also attended by thousands of people and well know personality, and among them was Elton John (Whom we know a close friend of the late Princess Diana), when I saw him on live telecast over the Internet, I remember the song “Candle in the Wind” which he sang during the funerals of Princess Diana, wow, I missed her everlasting smile, I wonder what would Princess Dianna say if she’s still alive, she might be the happiest mother in the world. My 15th post is going to be all about the 15th anniversary special of WWE Raw. But first, let's go down memory lane with this...... Lumaki ako sa piling ng mga legends tulad ni Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, The Rockers (Marty Jannetty at Shawn Michaels), The Undertaker...I guess that WWF made a wise decision when they underwent The Attitude Era because that was, in my opinion, the start of their rise to mainstream audience awareness. He made the ultimate sacrifice of being the almighty heel to elevate the whole company. We could name a lot of superstars in WWE deserving of the title. Tribute para sa mga namatay na superstars like Owen Hart, Curt Hennig and Eddie Guerrero?Everyone was donning the Austin shirt, trying to raise their eyebrows like The Rock does, and doing crotch chops and saying "suck it" because it was all the hype. Sa poll sa, Undertaker got the highest votes, and rightly so. I mean, magce-celebrate na nga lang sila, hindi pa nila i-todo, diba... WWE started with getting children drink their vitamins and say their prayers at night, grew up to become a company "with an attitude" to find its own identity, and is now constantly striving to become a better entity, which would set it apart from any competition.

When it came to merchandise, andami ko dating laruan.By the way, nung February 26, 2006, hindi ko pinalampas ang pagpunta ng WWE dito sa 'Pinas. Otherwise I'd get myself a ticket, and fly to watch a live event. At present, WWE exhudes talent with every superstar they have, and I think continues to push the envelope with new storylines and developing new talents. You could only imagine how excited I was to go home para makapanood. The two heel pussies abandoned Umaga, Evolution beats the crap out of Ekmo. When she was screeching a preview of her new album, I heard a familiar entrance song. Kahit na librang general admission tickets lang ang nakuha ko, kuntento na ako. Buti na lang at nalaman ko in advance na may 3-hour special ang Raw kasi 15th year anniversary na pala nila. Buti na lang at 7pm ang pasok ni Rikki-chan at umuwi na ang kasambahay namin para mag-alaga kay Sean so bumulusok ako pauwi. My eyes widened, my heart raced, and tears started to well up. I was thankful no one was around to hear me shouting so loud as I threw stuff around the room out of excitement. Nun pa lang alam ko nang WCW was sooner or later going to lose this battle. He's the only wrestler na nakasurvive ng more than a decade sa WWE, straight record. I grew up in a family where morals was a major issue.Pero syempre I tried to watch some episodes of Monday Nitro and found great talent in the likes of Chris Jericho, Eddie Guererro, Rey Misterio and Booker T, and how I wished they would jump to WWF and have dream matches with those whom I thought would make good opponents for them. With point #2 in mind, syempre justice needed to be served. Socko down Vince's throat (you know it ain't Mick Foley; he'd most probably appear as he is, not by any other personas of his). The problem was, we were a bit dysfunctional and I didn't want to fall so I developed my "attitude", and up to now, trying to become a better person.

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