An error occurred while updating the firmware 6727 dating guarded women

I think we can confirm it is a hardware issue now right?

On the up side it didn't mess with my storage drive so I don't have to re download all of my steam games.

What do you guys think should I suck it up and do a factory reset or wait for the hardware replacement and hope that does it? Issue persists except now I cant even connect my mouse.

Event log shows the same bthusb errors as it did before..

After that exhaustive troubleshooting I went on to explain the events in event viewer and that its been happening since the day I received the computer.

it would work fine for 10-15 mins during gaming but then fail again, i just used a normal usb hub and it worked fine.

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Dell did send a tech the next day and replaced the card. However some times it is easier to communicate with someone who comes from the same cultural background and societal settings.

Anyway everything is fixed I spent more time on the phone than i would have liked and had to get a "special exception" from a supervisor who insisted she agreed with the tech that it was a software problem. I would like to see premium plus support be on-shore techs. As a software developer I work with offshore teams every day from many countries(for the last 12 years).

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