Are kari byron and tory belleci dating

As Belleci explained, "He was very instrumental in my life, because had I been arrested, I'm sure my life would have gone in another direction completely." where the entire premise was to see how high the contestants could send an anvil flying with controlled black powder explosions.

What's more, this wasn't just some strange show a drug-fueled TV executive had slapped together as a vehicle to test out Belleci's solo star power.

Belleci learned his lesson, and says that Klein's understanding and direction came at an extremely important time.

One of his most high-profile projects was none other than the god-king of all geek franchises, .

(It's the place Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett fought each other, in case you don't remember).

He was actually just a celebrity host for the National Anvil Shooting Championship, an actual redneck sport that Belleci says dates back 200 years.

interview about the show, the man you'd expect to be somewhat jaded after personally testing countless weird myths comes off as totally impressed and intrigued by the weirdness of it all and the dedication of the contestants.

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