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But listen, I have the perfect solution to your problem. (scene takes place in the computer room, showing Rigby typing on the keyboard) Mordecai: (reads screen) "Couple Corral? Mordecai: (turns around and raises his arms in the air) What?! Rigby: Well, I guess you're a cowboy, then, 'cause I signed you up! Sulley Could Probably Even Rip Off Mordecai's Beak.

Mordecai: (opens the bedroom door) I'm talking a mental health day.

(walks to Rigby) Tickets to a free screening of "Love Bot 2". (laughs) Come on, call Margaret and Eileen, we can all go make fun of it. (hugs the gentleman and looks into his eyes making Mordecai very much in shock of horror.

(turns around and smiles) It's time to take this to the next level. Mordecai stands in front of the window) Mordecai: (takes a deep breath) Okay, you gotta do it. (walks to window and points to reflection) You got this. (points by the thought of Margaret of his saying) The love of my life is getting married to some other dude.

(walks away) Besides, that site is for, like, cowboys or something. (puts hand down) Rigby: Hey, all that stuff's true, man. Look, if you can't do it for yourself, then do for me, man.

" (raises hand) Dude, you make me sound like a dork! (walks over to and looks at clock on wall) I'm not having anything to do with this. (looks at computer screen) Look, ten girls already responded. Rigby: (gets out of computer chair) Come on, man, it might make you feel better.

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