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Plus, some might be confused about capture cards, like why or when do they need them as part of their overall workflow.This article, and accompanying video, aim to demystify this a bit.Aiding you in learning a few tricks of the trade so that you can better navigate choosing a camera for your next live streaming project.Also, be sure to check out our Video Studio Recommendations guide as well to help you create your video studio with your live streaming camera.Naturally, this has slowly gravitated toward video camera technology as well.As a result, a wide range of options are available, some of which are quite affordable as well.Furthermore, cameras will come in different zoom ranges.For example, the Canon XA10 has an optical zoom of x10, while a Canon XA35 has an optical zoom of x20.

This was three cables: one yellow, one red and one white.

If you have to zoom, though, it’s better to get a camera with an optical zoom.

The reason is that a digital zoom literally crops the image to achieve the “zoomed image”.

The caveat to that statement is if the broadcaster wants to do 4K streaming, which would favor 3G-SDI and higher. [Pictured: Canon C100 series] Pros: DSLR cameras are considered in the same category as HDMI cameras in regards to using them for live video streaming.

They need to have a HDMI output from the camera, as well as a capture device or capture card between the camera and your computer.

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