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Here's links to the original mod pages: Northern Spirit - Nordic Arsenal , Eimar's Edge - Ornate Steel Sword , and JRC's Witcher Style Sword Pack.

This is a project in which I download weapon and amour mods and combine them all into a nice big collection.

These are the he base models for these items and next we have a couple of variants of a couple of these bases which is around 18 (may be more), so make the base bigger, small, town handed, and even shorter.

You could find any of the items with a random enchant on it!The goal of this project is to really combine less popular and smaller mods together, so that way not every has to go through the process of adding 100 items to the game.If you would like to submit a mod you have created, just leave a comment or pm me with a link to the mod with permission to add the mod.First off, this mod adds a lot of new weapons and items and I will do my best to explain how many there are!First off there are 151 (hope I added up right) base weapons and amour pieces, plus a full amour set, added to the game.

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