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And yes, he knows about Sixty's blog and thinks it's funny. Anyway, over dinner Saturday night, when I was having trouble seeing because of the sweat mixed with mascara going into my eyes and making me look like a latter day Elvira, I picked up my wine glass and said, so are you my boyfriend?and yes before you say it, sixty sometimes has the emotional maturity of a 16 year old.

For it is not merely the in fluence of the best individuals that Arnold is recommend ing; it is the embodiment of this influence in the creation of a State.

Now, that I picked emotionally unavailable men or my other favorite, the man who thinks he can mold you has something do with with it. It's no news flash that I have met a man, whom I call Mr.

Nice because he is and I am going away with him to Greece.

To me the definition of hell, is to be going on first dates for forever.

Then again, my eldest daughter, who knows her stuff , quite awhile ago, called me the "queen" of first daters. Now that was not always the case but yah, I have been on many a first date. Well, I did a few times and it was good until it wasn't. What was my wont, that's to make up for the aforementioned awful sentence, was to dabble dates and a few bad dates and sixty didn't walk, she ran off the sites. Exhausting and confusing and hell, I have a life that consists of more than this.

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