Bans on inter racial dating dating someone divorced twice

A turning point in the history of interracial relationships was the landmark ruling of June 1967 when U. Supreme Court knocked down a Virginia statute barring whites from marrying nonwhites.

The decision also overturned similar bans in fifteen other American states.

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Today inter-racial relationships have come a long way since the times of apartheid and segregation.Inter-racial marriages are more common today than ever.While they have been allowed by civil law for quite some time, it is only now that society is opening up to and becoming more accepting of inter-racial relationships.The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act from 1949 explicitly prevented white people from marrying people of other races, and the Immorality Acts prevented people of different races from having extra-marital sexual relations.Moreover, the 1950 Group Areas Act prevented people of different races from living in the same neighborhoods, let alone the same house.

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