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So it’s only fitting this is where our Travel Bumble adventure would begin.After a short time the guy from Travel Bumble showed up and said hello. More than enough men for all of us, and all handsome and polite as well.So it wasn’t long before I ventured over to Old Jamm Inn to check it out.Old Jamm Inn is a live music venue with a ton of indoor space and a large outdoor deck. Before we knew it, they were dancing the night away until Ashley decided she was tired and needed to call it a night.I can’t say she totally succeeded (jerks will always be jerks), BUT one of the biggest differences is that women are in control with bumble.Males and Females both swipe through potential matches, but once a connection is made, only women can initiate conversation. Simply using the app while abroad, or traveling wherever you might be.I’ve deleted some of the more mainstream apps like Tinder and OKcupid, but I keep Bumble on my phone.

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There was the Canadian visiting for a long weekend, a firefighter, a chef, a magazine editor. After a few rounds of 2 for 1 rum punches the guys invited us to join them down the road at one of their other favorite bars in the gap.They claimed there are only three places worth going in the Gap: Cafe Sol, Hal’s, and Old Jamm Inn.Hal’s is an illegal karaoke bar with cheap and strong drinks. However, being that Hal’s is technically squatting and not an actual bar, it has no bathroom (It kind of reminds me of Cyril’s in Amagansett — I feel a blog post coming on parking lot bars around the world).This year, instead of celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving, I flew down to Barbados with two of my girlfriends!The first night I arrived just before dinner to meet one friend and the other was due to arrive in the middle of the night.

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