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Live Action Roleplaying Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲▲▲ Fit: ♥♥♥ LARPing has it all.

Depending on what gear you already have, it can also be incredibly cheap (especially once you have what you need).

Laser Tag Cost: $ Nerd: ▲▲▲ Fit: ♥ ♥ There’s never been a better bonding experience than dominating the kids at your laser tag arena with your date. Mini-golf Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲▲ Fit: ♥ Another classic that gets you out and about while strategizing like a nerd how best to miss the windmill while making it over the waterfall.

Improv class Literally make your date up as you go along; it’s a great experience to bond over!

Geocaching mission Cost: $ Nerd: ▲▲▲ Fit: ♥♥ Think of Geocaching like a real world version of National Treasure: you’re on a real life treasure hunt, set up by other people.

There’s nothing more romantic than nerding out about our amazing universe.

Hiking and picnic Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥♥ Your hike can be as long or as short as you need it to be. Driving range, batting cage, firing range, or archery: Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲-▲▲ Fit: ♥-♥♥ Learning or simply doing a skill based activity makes for great discussion and connection.

Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥ Tossing a frisbee casually in the park Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥ Put together a picnic or go for a walk afterwards!

Take a cooking class together Cost: $$$ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥♥ (Nutrition is 90% of the battle!

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