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Laura Vanderkam (who delivered a viral TED talk on this subject in 2016) provides actionable tips that will help you fit in more when you don’t think you can—so you can make room for what really fills you up a new plan when your first doesn't go according to, well, plan, says Nedra Glover Tawwab, LCSW, a therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina. guide to reframing productivity so that you can best achieve your dreams. Stop doing everything for everyone and start doing what matters to you, according to author Erin Falconer, editor in chief and co-owner of the highly respected self-improvement site ?

While Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, details the tragic death of her husband, she also talks about a variety of difficulty losses, such as that of a career, identity, and children—all of which, she explains, can be opportunities to grow if call on your inner resilience, and on your community. TBH, same—which is exactly why I immediately put this book on my holiday wishlist minutes after Hamroff recommended it.

Knowing your love language (how you express romantic feelings) and your partner’s means you can both get your needs met—and be happier together.

"It has a very straightforward approach in addressing and understanding love languages, while also providing concrete homework to help you practice each skill," says Mancao.

That's where this list of 20 pro-approved picks comes in.

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Bestselling author Dave Asprey works to answer the all-important question, “How can I kick more ass at life?

Because you’re too much of a rock star not to have the exact life you dream about.

Of course, you want to connect more with those around you and become a kinder, more empathetic person—but that can be really, really hard. "Brené helps normalize the plight of difficulties in the moment and teaches us to how to say yes to what is happening, whether pleasant or unpleasant," says Alyssa (Lia) Mancao, LCSW, a psychotherapist in Sherman Oaks, California.

Unlike so many of the finance-focused books on the market, this one stands out for being simple and to the point (especially great for newbies!

) without being, per Tawwab, "preachy about getting your finances in order." So if you're looking for a book to learn how to get serious about your funds, this no-shame read will do just that and more.

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