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I also share every effective social technique I’ve ever learned – so, things like approaching a woman, flirting, connecting, getting the phone number etc.This is a very controversial book, but absolutely brilliantly researched and presented.The numbers were suddenly not looking nearly so good.This is one of those areas where contemporary Christians so often do very poorly and this is exactly why there have been so many recent books on dating, courtship, purity and all the rest.Thus, the main goal of a dating friendship is to explore the viability of marriage while preserving the guidelines of sexual and romantic purity required by the neighbor relationship.Integral to the argument is an understanding of how the Bible guides and restricts sexual activity.

From the book jacket: The chapters are short and sweet, and the language is direct, challenging and immensely hopeful.Because this information is so valuable, I’ve made this book available to Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.Get Your Copy Now As a therapist, working with tweens for twenty years, I whole-heartedly recommend this book.God gives us clear sexual boundaries to guide marriage relationships (sex is required), neighbor relationships (sex is forbidden) and family relationships (sex is forbidden).The authors want dating couples to understand that until they are married, their relationship to the person they are pursuing is a neighbor relationship in which any sexual activity or even the awakening of sexual desire is inappropriate.

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