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A good story is all a reader needs to be entertained.She doesn’t care about the superficialities of gossip, or parties.Books will fill her with joy, break her heart, and doubtlessly make her fall in love before you ever will -- which may seem daunting to the one trying to win her affection, but you’ll grow to admire the way she quotes her favorite authors and finds so much beauty in how words are turned into sentences, sentences are turned into ideas, and ideas to stories.While chocolate and flowers are admirable to many, the girl who reads is more easily impressed by symbolic gestures of affection and the meaning and thought behind tokens and affection.With her nose in books and a library card in her purse, the girl who loves to read is in a league of her own.While it may seem like the girl with a book clutched in her hand and a pencil behind her ear is unapproachable, mysterious or maybe even aloof, she secretly just may be a hopeless romantic with a lust for turning her life into something out of a storybook.The girl who reads has big dreams, and while others may tell her they are unrealistic, she knows that real life is far more unpredictable than fiction.

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Those who read learn about history, culture, different lifestyles, various ways of thinking and more -- giving them a broader understanding of life, and a heightened appreciation for the little things this world has to offer.

A perfect date for the lady bookworm involves roaming around the noisy city while seeking solace inside a quaint little bookstore, full of new books she’s never encountered. Whether it’s her adamancy that you read the latest book with her, or your own curiosity for what book she’s got her nose in now, slowly but surely, you’ll learn to fall just as in love with reading as you do with her.

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