Camilla belle and maria sharapova dating

Plenty have asked her, and lots of journalists have tried to ascertain what her sexual preferences are and which way she goes.However, their questions have always been rebuffed by the tennis star, which only serves to increase all the speculation.Because the two sports celebrities seem comical side-by-side each other, although Maria, and probably "Money" Mayweather as well, would like to beg otherwise.Maria Sharapova’s sexuality has always been the subject of tons of media speculation.Understandably, this pic of her getting shoulder treatment would not be bringing back happy memories.

She had another operation performed in 2013, and it affected her game massively.

She had her first shoulder problems back in 2007, a period which coincided with her fall out of the top five.

The pain nagged her again a year later, and it came back to haunt her in 2009.

Modeling, sponsorship deals, plenty of cash, love, and adulation came her way, and Maria was able to handle everything brilliantly.

She took it all in stride, balancing all of them while basking in the limelight.

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