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Whenever there was something that concerned me, like, "Hey, is Cordelia a slut?I don't know how I feel about this," we would have the conversation and it would be really funny.Audiences witnessed Buffy's growing pains as she experienced her first love, struggled with transitioning from high school to college student, and felt the pain of losing a parent., would not exist, it was also a win for feminist entertainment. Physically, she was dominant over men, women and evil monsters, but she was also defiant and strong-willed.Today, there is an abundance of complex female characters leading dramas ( The show's success was not immediate.He was like, "Of course." I just wanted to make sure I would be OK, and I was. Buffy was such a feminist needle-mover for television in the 1990s.Why do you think the show remains so iconic for its portrayal of women, particularly Buffy?I was working on [short-lived Aaron Spelling drama] at the time and we were shooting in Long Beach. I was heading to my test at the WB ranch in Burbank. Back then it was beepers, I remember getting a 911 beep from my agent saying, "You have to get there!" I had to wait to respond because I was in so much traffic, I get off on Boron, at a payphone at this liquor store that's still there.

I think that's when things got real for her—whether she was willing to help the helpless, or turn her back on her fate.

But at the time I was a baby, I was still learning and I wanted to stick up for my character.

I didn't want her to always be the damsel in distress, or slutty or ditzy. Related: 'Hidden Figures' Screenwriter: Black People Weren't Just Maids or Slaves, We Need to Show That Buffy is a strong, empowered female character.

Buffy's destiny, or curse, as she so often saw it, to be the slayer was allegorical of its intended audience.

The scripts were so deftly written that, although centered on supernatural plots, young viewers could relate to Buffy's teenage anxieties that derailed her slayer duties.

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