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The game is based on "Count Duckula", a British animated television series.Count Duckula with his servants Igor and Nanny have brought their European style castle to ancient Egypt.You are checked in automatically when you walk in the hotel entrance. This is an example of how the Internet of Things will change our lives to the better.

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A trigger [4] is a mechanism that notifies the user by sound alerts, SMS and Email or send commands to other actuators when specific criteria are met or specific thresholds are reached.The Internet of Things Io T [5] is a concept that has become more popular lately; the main principle of Io T is to connect any device to the internet.The concept of internet of things (Io T) leads to big and great ideas, such as the smart city [6] .Once there they set their on the Sax, an ancient Egyptian saxophone with magical powers.The Sax is hidden in the pyramid tomb of the pharaoh Upanatem, deep in the burning desert.

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