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By identifying the eight most common mental health challenges facing single moms, my goal is to inspire them to seek support if they are struggling and for all of us to become Solo Mom allies.Not surprisingly, single moms rarely get enough sleep. Because they can get so much done when their kids are sleeping!Rates of domestic violence and abuse have reached intolerable levels in society.A significant number of moms who seek support at ESME have left abusive relationships.Some of the women who come to our site struggle with depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD.Sometimes they self-medicate with alcohol or drugs.

In the aftermath of divorce or the loss of a partner, single moms often become economically vulnerable.Laundry, housekeeping, night shifts, studying and other responsibilities often undermine a single mom’s chance at a good night’s rest.Sleep deprivation is a fragile foundation on which to cope with other challenges.For single mothers facing any of these mental health challenges, here are five actions that can increase your sense of well-being: 1.Find your tribe: Connect with single moms who share similar challenges. Ask for help: Even strong, independent women need help every now and then. Network: Build your support network of friends, acquaintances, and allies. Practice self-care: It doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time, but it’s a necessity. Seek professional support: Counseling is literally a lifesaver when mental health is at stake.

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