Chris young dating whitney duncan

So much art is created in moments of unusual passion, when sensations like pain or love feel intense and everlasting.

But most life isn’t lived in such moments, and any feeling is subject to fade away without some regular renewal.

That being said, this list is a reflection of our personal tastes.

There were simply far more good singles to choose from.

The one were you just stare at the ceiling, wall, or anything at all and just keep thinking about it even though it just ended, making up new scenarios in your head with the main character?

Or that feeling where you can't help but sigh and go, "That was so fucking good"? The characters are so uniquely their own especially the main character Ox. Ox is such a fucking beautiful human being that even now, three days after I've finished it, I still think about this character. His view is short and sounds so innocent yet so sincere and sometimes so deep that one simple sentence sounds like it means a million things. How this character was had me wanting to be his sister and hug him.

– LW #388 Walking Shoes Tanya Tucker 1990 | Peak: #3 She seems a little sad about it, but she’s had enough of being taken for granted and is gearing up to walk right on out of her underappreciating lover’s life.

– LW #387 Big Deal Le Ann Rimes 1999 | Peak: #6 A sassy little number that finds a regretful Rimes lashing out at the girl who nabbed her old boyfriend. – TS #386 That’s My Story Collin Raye 1993 | Peak: #6 What do you think – the grooviest song about a guy trying to craft an alibi out of a backyard hammock ever?

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