Consolidating audio logic pro

Choose from dozens of drummers who each play in a different musical genre, and direct their performances using simple controls.Customize your sound with Drum Kit Designer for acoustic kits and Drum Machine Designer for electronic drum tracks. You can create projects with up to 1000 stereo or surround audio tracks and up to 1000 software instrument tracks, and run hundreds of plug-ins. Logic Pro X goes beyond the average sequencer with an advanced set of options that let you record, edit, and manipulate MIDI performances.

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Create organic-sounding acoustic drum tracks or electronic beats with the intelligent technology of Drummer.

Create, store, and select from different edits and arrangements of track regions to make it easier to experiment with various creative ideas.

Click and drag to choose the best sections of each take to create a seamless comp, complete with transition-smoothing crossfades.

As a professional musician, educator, and a former employee of both Emagic and Apple, author David Dvorin knows Logic like no one else.

Here, he uses project-based tutorials to guide you through real-world production tasks, revealing Logic’s secrets along the way.

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