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Positions shown are based on information available at the time the map data was last updated.They are approximations, and are not the product of an on-the-ground survey. If a majority of the votes are cast in favor of the proposition, an election to reverse the effects of the first election may not be held earlier than the corresponding uniform election date three years after the date of the first election.(b) If, without an election, an action under this chapter occurs on the order or ordinance of an authority acting in response to a petition and the petitioners' request is rejected, that authority may not consider a subsequent petition on the same request earlier than three years after the date on which the request is rejected. (a) If at an election on a proposition under this chapter the majority of the votes are cast against the proposition, another election for the same purpose may not be held earlier than the corresponding uniform election date three years after the date of the first election. To the extent practical, the election shall be conducted in accordance with the Election Code.(g) The expenses of the election shall be paid by the appropriate school district or districts. Other school districts cannot replicate this, because they keep doing the same things wanting different results,” Cruz said.“My hats off to Edinburg.”“Coming into the school district, I have heard so many great things about it, including how wonderful the academic process is and how we provide students with the ability to go off to college and be prepared for what they need to be doing in the workforce once they leave here,” said Reyes Rodriguez, a new teacher at Lee Elementary School. The Former Multi-Year District ratings show the accountability ratings for districts and all schools within the district for the ratings years 1995 through 2002.The Multi-Year Statewide ratings show a statewide count of districts and schools in each rating category, including summaries of the acknowledgments.

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(a) Except as provided by this section or by a local consolidation agreement under Section 13.158, the annexation of all or part of the territory of one district to another is effective on the first July 1 that is more than 30 days after the date of the order or ordinance accomplishing the annexation or of the declaration of the results of an election at which the transfer is approved.(b) On the effective date of the transfer:(1) students residing in the territory become residents of the receiving district;(2) title to property allocated to the receiving district vests in the district;(3) the receiving district assumes any debt allocated to it; and(4) the receiving district assumes jurisdiction of the annexed territory for all other purposes.(c) If the annexation is appealed to the commissioner and is approved, the transfer is effective on a date set by the commissioner that is not earlier than the 30th day after the date of the commissioner's decision in the appeal. In this chapter, "membership" means the number of students enrolled in a school district as of a given date. If the request is granted and the order is issued or the ordinance is adopted, a petition to reverse the effects of the order or ordinance may not be considered by the authority earlier than three years after the date of issuance or adoption. Visit the Additional School District Information for selected reports from both the Texas Education Directory of School District Information (Ask TED) and Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) site. It provides organizational information for school, district, county, and regions in Texas.TAPR provides performance reports for schools, districts, regions, and the state.

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