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The ex-wife of heir to the throne the Prince of Wales, Diana was the mother of Princes William and Harry, now the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.

After her death, then-prime minister Tony Blair called her the “people’s Princess”, praising Diana for “the depth of her compassion and her humanity”, and the nation mourned for the former royal whose common touch bridged social divides.

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Charles and Diana were regarded as the world’s most romantic couple.

Defence barrister David Jenkins said the only thing he could say in mitigation was that Higginson had pleaded guilty.

He said: "It happened some time ago and he doesn't remember all the allegations but he doesn't want either boy to come here and give evidence.

He would pay them between and to perform abusive sex acts on the youngsters while using video calling app Skype.

Corum would instruct those other abusers on exactly what he wanted them to do.

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