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Because, despite the seemingly endless web of lies surrounding the eldest Hastings sister on the show, it all looks like child’s play compared to De Vitto’s other unforgettable role as psychotic Nanny Carrie on One Tree Hill." She played Nina in the horror film The Rite (2011) alongside Anthony Hopkins, Alice Braga and Colin O'Donoghue.

It received favorable reviews from critics and grossed over million at the worldwide box office.

As a child, De Vitto spent a lot of time touring with her parents.

De Vitto was part of the Hospice Foundation’s documentary film crew that spent three and a half weeks of filming in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

De Vitto made her film debut in the dramatic short film Starcrossed (2005), which tells about brothers, who develop a sexual attraction to one another.

She also appeared in the horror film sequel I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006) as Zoe Carpenter.

Her father was a long-time drummer for Billy Joel and her mother had been Stevie Nicks's best friend since the late 1970s and met De Vitto's father in 1983 when he was the drummer on Nicks' Wild Heart Tour.

On the day of her birth, Joel was performing at the Wembley Arena and made a special note before beginning "The Longest Time" that De Vitto's wife was having a baby, causing a standing ovation for De Vitto, who was playing the drums at the concert.

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