Datagridview validating edit

That's why changing the datagridview during the validating event gets overwritten.

You can validate data by handling the Cell Validating event, which is raised by the Data Grid View when the current cell changes.In this walkthrough, you will retrieve rows from the column and tries to leave the cell, the Cell Validating event handler will examine new company name string to make sure it is not empty; if the new value is an empty string, the Data Grid View will prevent the user's cursor from leaving the cell until a non-empty string is entered.To copy the code in this topic as a single listing, see How to: Validate Data in the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control.I can get it to create the mailboxes no problem, but my issue is with trying to validate that each row is not empty. Cheers Whenn you need to leave a form you will need to use teh validation cancelation procedure.All examples that i've come across are all in VB or C# and i dont know either of those . You also need the row to trap teh escape key as this is how we get out of or abort validation in progress. I recommend you get a book on Windows Forms Development.

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