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People’s priorities, like their attachment to their religion, can also change during the course of a long relationship.

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Yet buried underneath her crude rhetoric was an idea worth exploring further, one that must be considered whenever beginning a new relationship with someone of a different religion, ethnicity, or culture.

Take, for example, the overwhelmingly negative reaction to Carey Purcell’s volcanically hot “ Purcell attempted to explain why she believed two failed relationships between her (a non-Jewish woman) and Jewish men ended partially because of religion, and why she was left feeling like “their last act of defiance against cultural or familial expectations before finding someone who warranted their parents’ approval.” The article is no doubt problematic.

The headline is pure clickbait, Purcell undercuts her own argument through statistics that show the frequency of interfaith marriages, and she plays far too fast and loose with Jewish stereotypes, with a particularly cringe-worthy bacon joke in the article’s conclusion.

Even her unfortunate use of Jewish stereotypes feels like it comes from a place of ignorance, not malice.

There’s real anti-Semitism out there, and labeling everything as such only serves to devalue the word. It is also quite possible that Purcell hit on an uncomfortable truth the Jewish community may not be excited to discuss.

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