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Giving someone your phone number more often leads to silence than it does to a date.

People “liking” you on multiple apps and then not responding to your messages is also common.

I am caught between thinking that, on the one hand, the grief, although hard, would at least end the misery and hopefully take me to a place where I can just be satisfied with the rest of my life (which is pretty great), and still feeling, on the other hand, that love is a basic human need, so cutting myself off from what still seems like the likeliest path to getting there will only end up stunting my life in the long run. Do I forge ahead with online dating and hope that it really is a numbers game and that someday mine will actually come up?

Or do I just let it go and accept that an adult love relationship is just not in the cards for me?

It makes me feel bitter and frustrated, like I am spending a lot of energy chasing something that is simply unattainable for me.

I’ve asked pretty much everyone I know to fix me up, only to be told that no one seems to know anyone who is available.

This phenomenon developed organically more than a decade ago in Shanghai and has since sprung up in other parts of China, said Zhen Trudy Wang, a former Caijing magazine reporter in Shanghai who now works for a public relations firm.

I couldn’t bring myself to have kids in a marriage where doing so would obliterate any chance I had to build something for myself.

Before, it was all lengthy profiles and revealing charming details about yourself, followed by a polite exchange of get-to-know-you-banter emails and arrangements to meet for coffee.

Now, it is a lot of pictures and swiping right, followed by some text messages if you’re lucky.

China’s also been bitten by the reality television bug.

Dating game-style shows are popular entertainment in China, though no one expects them to lead to any long-term commitments, said Wang.

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