Dating and signing diagnostic test orders

Indications that a document has been 'Signed but not read' are not acceptable.

For example, orders for some clinical diagnostic tests are not required to be signed.In cases where the relevant regulation, NCD, LCD and CMS manuals have specific signature requirements, those signature requirements take precedence.EXCEPTION 4: CMS would permit use of a rubber stamp for signature in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in the case of an author with a physical disability that can provide proof to a CMS contractor of his/her inability to sign their signature due to their disability.By affixing the rubber stamp, the provider is certifying that they have reviewed the document.Acceptable Signatures Acceptable methods of signing records/test orders and findings include: Note: Be aware that electronic and digital signatures are not the same as 'auto-authentication' or 'auto-signature' systems, some of which do not mandate or permit the provider to review an entry before signing.

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