Dating antique furniture hinges

Add authentic period charm to your cabinet doors with our antique cabinet and kitchen cabinet hinges.We carry a huge selection of cabinet hinges, including butterfly hinges, offset hinges and rustic cabinet strap hinges.Lastly, compare the design of the furniture to other pieces from the same period.Glaring differences are suspect, and a signal that this particular piece might not be what it seems.

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Each set comes complete with matching screws, and is sold as pictured unless otherwise noted.

Check out the condition of the finish on the exterior as well as the drawers.

Look for areas that have been worn down or replaced.

All you need is the wood; we can provide everything else you need to transform antique or modern kitchen cabinets, dressers and bureaus to just the vintage look you’re after.

We cover all the most popular decorative cabinet hardware styles of the last 200 years, from Victorian to Arts & Crafts to the early American styles like Colonialism and Federalism.

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