Dating anything that moves

(If not, you're looking at Extreme Omnisexual.) Note: Do not add behavior patterns that don't fall under Rule of Funny.

Do not add characters for chasing after aliens or fantastic beings.

Don't add characters who don't otherwise fit for just using the phrase "Anything That Moves." Anything That Moves is just a title.

Not to be confused with Shoot Everything That Moves—though with some people, you never know.

Men, on the other hand, are good at keeping emotions down and separating them from their everyday life, mainly because they've been told to.

While all humans are capable of rationalizing, women tend to think with their heads and and this is an important difference that ensures both men and women will have vastly different romantic and sexual experiences.

Men can be satisfied with just an easy sex session, but a woman can have better sex when there are feelings present.

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And sex can easily become one of the many things that get complicated by emotions.

I told my male friend I feel bad for him because he'll never experience a female orgasm. He'll never know what the mere act of loving someone just a little bit more will do for a woman's vagina.

He'll never know how much love and affection can amplify an orgasm to astronomically high sensations.

The male version is almost always a Kavorka Man or Casanova Wannabe; the female version formidable enough to be off-putting to the less experienced members of the cast, except in anime. Also not to be confused with Extreme Omnisexual, whose tastes would include aliens and other sentient non-human life.

Hurtful words in a relationship are like a drop of red dye in a glass of water; it turns the whole glass pink.

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