Dating conartist

It’s so vital that higher levels can make us both happier and healthier, according to an Oxford University study. And those who trust more become the ideal, albeit unwitting, player of the confidence game: the perfect mark.”In order to gain their marks’ trust and pull off their plans, con artists have to be experts at reading others.

Unfortunately, this can make us vulnerable to those who wish to take advantage of us. Ferdinand Waldo Demara, one of the most infamous con artists, was a master at it.

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As Konnikova explains it, the supreme confidence of con artists, which is usually a weapon, can ultimately be what leads to their downfall.Even after being exposed as a fraud, he still managed to win people over.Konnikova tells the story of how he scoped out the man who wished to write his biography, digging into the writer’s background and even scheduling appointments with him that he wouldn’t attend so that he could (creepily) hide and observe his behavior.Their charm and sincerity are empty of any real concern - masks # 5 and #6 respectively.They have the innate ability to juggle several balls at once without missing a beat.

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