Dating destiny elizabeth sterling

A worried Jake also discovers the restored Grey Lady painting is missing. It appears someone has broken into the Grey House and might still be there.Jake, Brandon, Lori, George and Gwen carefully enter the dark house, where they see Cassie dressed up. The film stars Catherine Bell, Chris Potter, Robin Dunne, Catherine Disher, Matthew Knight, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, and Peter Mac Neill.

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Then, Drew cancels his wedding plans because he can't pay for it.

Lori gives Cassie an old book written by Edward Whymark, a pseudonym for Elizabeth Merriwick, who wasn't abducted—she ran away to Texas with sweetheart Andrew Whymark and reinvented herself, living a long and fruitful life.

Cassie congratulates Lori on her detective skills and knows she will do great on her journalism project.

A masked Drew arrives with the stolen Grey Lady portrait, which he had appraised at the local museum.

He tells Mia the museum liked her restoration work so much they want to hire her.

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