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There are some institutions generally regarded as civic universities and sharing many elements of common history with these universities that gained university status later than this (e.g.

Newcastle in 1963 or Cardiff in 2005); these are listed under the appropriate time period.

Students could take Oxford degrees after completing their courses at Reading with only one year of residence.

The 1960s saw the number of UK universities more than double from 22 to 45.

Dundee and Newcastle were, like the redbrick universities, recognised as university colleges from the start of the grant-in-aid programme in 1889, making them the last of the English first-wave civic universities to become universities in their own right.

Keele was founded as a university college, although (as mentioned above) with its own degree awarding powers, and was considered to be a second-wave civic university by Robbins.

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In many cases the supposed date of foundation as a university is open to debate, particularly for the ancient universities.They are distinguished from the "red brick" universities only by their date of foundation as universities, and are often classed together.Developed from University College Reading, founded by Christ Church, Oxford as an extension college in 1892.Federal university with its seat in Manchester, comprising colleges in Manchester (1880–1903), Liverpool (1884–1903) and Leeds (1887–1903).Merged with Owen's College, Manchester to form the Victoria University of Manchester in 1903.

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