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Class 3 wiring methods are intended to be used, in accordance with Article 725 of the NEC.

These transformers are legibly and permanently marked with the manufacturer's name, trade name or trademark; the date or other dating period of manufacture not exceeding any three consecutive months; a distinctive catalog number or the equivalent; and the electrical rating.

I also added a small gap between E and I to be sure that there is no relevant saturation.

First i evaluated the self inductance Ls1 = 290.6m H and Ls2 = 82.2 m H using A, J integral as explained in tutorial.

I set primary windings to circuit primary and primary- having or - 10A, so the current I1 is 10/220 = 45.45 m A Then i turned off primary winding and set secondary to a circiut carring 10 A.

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Looking at your geometry, the a2 area should be 9 mm * 61 mm, or 549 mm^2.I have modeled this transformer with core EI having a cross section of 50x80 mm, 220 turns at the primary and 117 turns at secondary.The core extends 0.08m in the into-the-page direction.A Class 2 or Class 3 transformer that is not inherently limited does not have an impedance to limit the maximum current output to a specified value.The maximum power is limited by an overcurrent-protective device.

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