Dating hasty generalization

When you started driving, it was a new skill to learn, and yet you got your license. It is an internal process of thinking, letting the related emotions flow and a mental re-organization of the concept.

Or when you looked for a job in the past you found the one you have right now. Look for uncommon, outlier situations or examples from your life. If they contradict the examples on which your concept is built, know that the generalization you use is wrong. Generalization is the basic skill of an intelligent mind.

How many times did you make general statements about politicians, parties, men, women, kids, your co-workers, countrymen, etc after a single evidence? There is also a fallacy of when you generalize from a particular case to either a general case or a broad range, while the evidence you have does not support the general case.

For instance, by seeing double decker buses in London you conclude that there are double deckers in all places in the UK. In life hasty generalization often coincides with sweeping generalization, but not always.

Such a generalization is called hasty generalization.

A simple example is to conclude that after a few perfect sunny days there. While the fallacy of this example is obvious, it is a pattern we follow in our lives without noticing it.

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