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Whether you are in love, broken, or somewhere in between, @al_abt_love has quotes you can relate to when looking for inspiration in your love life. Just a ton of quotes that touch on every aspect of dating and relationships to help you feel a little less alone with your thoughts (it’s comforting to know someone else is having them, too). Or do you like reading the drama of others’ dating [email protected]_advice gives you the opportunity to do both.Real life isn’t usually as glamorous as shown in pictures on social media.The truth is often much scarier than any picture can capture, which is why there are hilarious memes and sassy quotes that are rooted in reality to get the truth out. Followers post their “true” stories and funny memes about being single for others to enjoy.There is an Instagram account dedicated to helping men attract women through the art of texting, which is actually a necessary skill for anyone in the dating world.

It may inspire some of your own dating or relationship goals, and it will definitely leave you feeling good about the possibilities ahead.

Lifestyle writers Olivia Petter and Rachel Hosie host a weekly podcast geared toward millennials on love, dating, and relationships.

The Instagram feed, @Millennial_Love, reflects the topics discussed on the podcast and is loaded with sage advice and hilarious memes to keep you entertained and enlightened.

Looking for words of inspiration to help you through your journey of self-discovery and dating?

“Human connection specialist” and relationship expert Mark Groves uses his @createthelove Instagram feed to dish out encouragement on how to love yourself and others.

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