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The biggest fight in my relationship has been replayed more times than Beyoncé's tumble in Orlando. " Then I feel silly for letting such small things bother me, and we laugh and roll around on the bed and all is right again in our world.

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I'm not annoyed." "Just tell me." This goes on for hours until I finally blurt it out: "You didn't introduce me when we ran into that guy you work with!

Until we're sharing a bank account with you, we're not all that interested in your opinions on how we should or should not spend our money.

And if we sharing a bank account, here's something you should know: Reminding us when we're in the throes of post-retail bliss that we just blew all our disposable income for the month is not going to endear you to us.

Or you have a monthlong international business trip coming up but haven't asked us whether we'd like to come for a weekend visit. But pretty soon you stop trying to impress us -- and we don't like that.

If you picture us in your future, try talking about these things in such a way that we'll stick around for it. "Now that we're married, he never tries to 'win me' anymore," says one friend.

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