Dating old tools

Internationally, Klein's products are available around the world through a well-established network of agents and distributors who stock the products that are required for their particular markets.

When Mathias Klein emigrated from Germany and made his way west to set up shop in Chicago's bustling downtown business district, the "communications industry" amounted to nothing more than a few bare wires strung on lean telegraph poles.Today Klein meets the needs of professional tradesmen with a whole spectrum of first-quality products. V., the company produces tools and equipment that Mexico increasingly needs to expedite its ambitious programs of industrial expansion.Through establishment of a Mexican subsidiary, Herramientas Klein, S. The company built its international Distribution Center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Sources: Sign from the Albion Malleable Iron Company Plant with the "A" in a circle logo on the Albion. This logo has often been erroneously connected with one of several Erie, Pennsylvania tool manufactures. Co." Lakeside Trademark "bridge" logo Lakeview /Lakeside Forge of Erie, Penn. Source: ad in 1926 Hardware Dealers magazine in Dec. Found on a stamped steel spanner wrench with several hex and square openings. Found on Deering style implement wrenches marked "7364" only, one also marked "Simmons", and another also marked "B. H Co." "A" in circle logo Albion Malleable Iron Company of Albion, Michigan.(1888 until 1967). The logo is also seen on wrenches made by Eberhard for other manufactures. catalog listing for a "Badger Arnholt" Deering style wrench No. Don't know if this was a casting company, store brand or what. Found on a Deering style implement wrench sometimes with a "B" in diamond logo Store brand for the E.

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