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To read an excerpt of "Love in 90 Days," click here. Maya Diamond is a Dating and Relationship Coach in Berkeley, CA.She is often fiercely independent, but often lonely.SOLUTION: Kirschner says she knows it's tough for most hermits, but they need to get out more. If you don't normally accept the free drink from the man at the bar, or the offer of a setup from a friend, do it.

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But Kirschner says the most important aspect of working her program is to break the most common and most "deadly" dating habits.That will often cause you to miss out on some real and fabulous dating opportunities.The right man might be out there, but instead of being sporty, he's a car nut. If you try the experiment, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised, and it will help keep your mind open to every man.Every woman falls into terrible patterns, Kirschner observes, adding that, if any woman looks at past relationships, she would fall into one or more of these categories: "The Hermit," "The Flameout," the "I Will Make You Love Me," and the "Not Perfect, I Will Pass." Most Common Deadly Dating Patterns:1.The Hermit For whatever reason, The Hermit has convinced herself she's better off alone.

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