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Smiley added that he was a responsible guy and he only went out for drinks for purposeful reasons like concerts, ballgames, plays. The lack of racial diversity among 2016's Oscar nominees generated a lot of controversies.

Among many, Tavis Smiley was one of them who attracted a lot of discussions.

In a statement, Richardson admitted he sometimes behaved in a sexually explicit manner during photo shoots.

Tavis, who boasts the net worth of million, isn’t showing signs of giving up and is fighting back the lawsuit.

He stated,"Let's be honest: the LGBT community has gained more ground in Hollywood over the past decade than Black folk have covered in 50 years.

Tonight, we'll see actors who've been nominated for portraying gay characters. But why so slow to recognize and revel in the humanity and talent of Black actors and actresses?

The accusations, which ended in a June mistrial, caused NBC and Netflix to cancel programming discussions with the comedian in 2014.

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson, who has taken photos of Beyonce, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, was banned by Conde Nast for sexual assault allegations that have been circulating since 2010.

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