Dating roommates ex

Then one Saturday night, I was pulling another all-nighter.That is, I was studying all night to better prepare myself for a big Monday morning exam.But when I opened the door, I took one look at Ken and I could tell that he had been crying.Out of the sympathy of my heart, I allowed him to come in to talk awhile. We sat down on my bed and talked for about an hour.

It puts the focus on what has been achieved rather than what still needs to be done, which gives a high feeling of self efficacy.I used to update it at the end of the day but i now update it throughout the day, as it is far easier to track it rather than remembering it at the end of the day.I don’t just list tasks and prep for upcoming tasks but also whether i spent time with my family/friends, freed up time for meditation, etc.He explained to me that he came to surprise Becky but he had seen her earlier with another guy. Ken shed some tears and I held his hand to comfort him.I began feeling angry for the hurt that Becky was putting this young man through.

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