Dating wfl drums

This new drum featured a solid maple shell, double flanged engraved hoops and new Streamline lug casings.These lugs had tapped threaded holes for the tension rods.and Tone Flange models, along with bass drums in various and pearl and sparkle finishes.The tone flange assembly consisted of a thin metal ring that was placed on flat wood screws in the top bearing edge.A fat hubcap shaped flange rested on the ring under the head and top hoop. According to the 1928 catalog, It rejuvenates and clarifies the tone and staccato notes pop out like the crack of a machine gun.

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The Super Strainer (also known as the clamshell) was an attractive design but proved to be rather fragile and difficult to adjust. government placed limits on the manufacturing use of essential materials such as brass and steel for non-essential items.

Despite its shortcomings, the Super strainer was offered up until the early 1960s. As a result, American drum companies were forced to manufacture drums that were comprised of only 10% metal parts.

This drum featured the new Super lugs and the innovative Super snare strainer.

The Super lugs (also known as the small beaver tail lugs) were available on snare drums as well as tom toms and even bass drums.

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