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So, you have to get a grip and do something positive to enhance your life and not get preoccupied with her ok.

Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, and Russell Simmons.

May I ask if this is from a male/female perspective?

Nah, she's a girl I waited for two years coz she wasn't quite over the previous relationship and is held back from starting a new one...

She said she doesn't want to be selfish and it's not fair for me to wait for her (in fact, many times), yet I waited anyway...

she never told me whether she likes me or not when I asked, she claimed that she didn't know so I really shouldn't wait. cheers Hey Fatkid, Didn't you do that on a thread some time ago - about some girl who wasn't sure, got back together with her ex-b.f., used you are a sounding board and emotional support mechanism, lead you on/off/on/...?

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